Ambulatory Medicine Director's Message

ambulatory medicine clinic director

Susan E. Moynihan, M.D.
Ambulatory Medicine Clinic Director

At Salem Hospital, we place a high value on a well-rounded Internal Medicine curriculum, and we have prioritized primary care education.

Clinical Experience

The ambulatory experience is both concentrated and enhanced by our 4+1 schedule format. Residents spend four weeks on inpatient/ward rotations and the fifth week in ambulatory clinic. Residents will not have ward responsibilities during their clinic week, which we believe facilitates a focused experience in ambulatory medicine.

Each of our categorical residents is assigned to a North Shore Physicians Group primary care preceptor and ambulatory team in our group private practice model. Residents see patient under the supervision of their preceptors and develop a panel of patients whom they follow for the duration of their residency.

In our team-based model, residents will also be working with RN care managers, social workers, and nurse practitioners in caring for a diverse patient population. In addition to learning about outpatient problems and health maintenance, they will have opportunities to participate in our quality initiatives to enhance community health.

Subspecialty clinic experiences during the ambulatory weeks help provide an enhanced understanding of outpatient medicine and the subspecialties, including nephrology, ENT, orthopedics, dermatology and gynecology.

Didactic Learning

Our ambulatory experience is supported by a robust primary care curriculum. We provide participatory talks by primary care preceptors and specialists in core topics: diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, community acquired infectious disease, and commonly encountered medical problems as well as quality improvement, serious illness conversations, and shared decision making.

We subscribe to the Ambulatory Internal Medicine learning modules developed by Johns Hopkins (PEAC) and these in-depth core primary care modules are assigned to the residents to support and enhance self-directed learning.

I am particularly proud of our exceptional outpatient preceptors. They love teaching, and they develop durable relationships with our residents. They provide valuable support, and function as mentors. They provide valuable counsel in many areas, including work life balance.

Susan E. Moynihan, M.D.

Ambulatory Medicine Clinic Director