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Diabetes Treatment Plan

Create a diabetes treatment plan with experts from Salem Hospital

A diabetes diagnosis can be daunting, since management of the disease requires careful planning. The creation of a personal diabetes treatment plan is the best way to comprehensively address a patient's day-to-day health, nutrition and fitness needs. A diabetes treatment plan enables patients to achieve great quality of life while living with diabetes.

Personalized diabetes treatment plan

Patients seeking medical assistance to create a diabetes treatment plan will find a caring and compassionate team of experts at the Diabetes Management Program.

Patients with diabetes work with a multidisciplinary team of primary care physicians, case managers and certified diabetes educators to establish a treatment plan for successfully managing the disease.

When needed, patients also benefit from consultations with ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, podiatrists and other specialist doctors North Shore provides.

Typical diabetes treatment plan to manage long-term health:

  • An individual assessment by diabetes educators of a patient's nutritional, fitness and mental health needs.
  • Setting goals for managing optimal blood sugar levels.
  • Prescriptions for oral medication or an insulin management program.
  • Assessing a patient's nutrition and developing nutritional recommendations, as well as helping patients plan meals to better manage blood sugar levels.
  • Use of an insulin pump to regulate insulin levels.
  • Help selecting and using the tools available for monitoring blood sugar.
  • Assessment and management of gestational diabetes.
  • Regular cardiac evaluation for patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or obesity in addition to their diabetes.

As part of the treatment plan, certified diabetes educators may suggest classes on topics such as how to make food choices in restaurants, how to travel more easily with diabetes, what to do when you're sick, how to manage the stress of diabetes, active exercise as integral to any diabetes treatment plan, and how to count carbohydrates and read food labels

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