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Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Choose Salem Hospital for your gastric sleeve procedure.

A gastric sleeve procedure is a surgical weight loss option for patients who are clinically obese and who have not been able to lose weight through other medically supervised methods. During a gastric sleeve surgery, surgeons remove as much as 85 percent of the stomach, leaving only a banana-shaped sleeve that remains connected to the intestines. Because the stomach is so much smaller after a gastric sleeve procedure, the amount of food a patient can eat is greatly restricted, facilitating significant weight loss.

North Shore patients considering a gastric sleeve procedure can find exceptional surgeons and compassionate care through the Surgical Weight Loss program at Salem Hospital, a member of Mass General Brigham.

The benefits of a gastric sleeve procedure.

A gastric sleeve weight loss procedure offers several advantages to patients:

  • Significant weight loss – patients tend to lose weight faster with a gastric sleeve procedure than with a gastric band procedure, though not as quickly as with a gastric bypass procedure.
  • Minimally invasive – the surgery is performed with laparoscopic incisions, reducing post-operative pain and speeding recovery time.
  • Less hunger – a gastric sleeve procedure eliminates the portion of the stomach that produces hungers-stimulating hormones, helping patients to feel fewer cravings.
  • Fewer complications and risks of malnutrition – patients undergoing a gastric sleeve procedure are not as prone to many of the complications that can arise after gastric bypass surgery, such as dumping syndrome, intestinal obstruction, marginal ulcers, anemia, osteoporosis, protein efficiency and vitamin deficiency.

Why come to Salem Hospital for a gastric sleeve procedure?

The Surgical Weight Loss program at Salem Hospital, a member of Mass General Brigham, is the largest and most successful program of its kind on the North Shore. In addition to gastric sleeve procedure, our bariatric surgeons offer patients a variety of weight loss procedure options. Over the past 15 years, we have helped over a thousand patients to achieve dramatic, long-term results in weight loss and overall improvement in their health.

The key to our success rate is the pre-surgery evaluation process and our post-operative care program. We work carefully with each patient to evaluate their health and readiness for surgery, and to choose the weight loss procedure best suited to their goals and physical condition. After surgery, we offer nutritional counseling, general education, peer support, exercise programs and medically supervised cardiac risk reduction to ensure sustained and healthy weight loss.

Learn more about a gastric sleeve procedure

You may attend an information session to learn more about weight loss surgery. Members of our staff will explain the procedures, address your concerns and answer questions. Sessions are held several times each month at convenient locations.

Sign up for an information session.

Salem Hospital is the North Shore’s largest healthcare provider, offering patients access to comprehensive care from world-class medical professionals and specialists. Patients may come to us for 3D mammography, hyperhidrosis treatment, lung cancer surgery, to consult a back and spine specialist, and many additional procedures.

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