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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery at Salem Hospital

Gastric sleeve surgery is a surgical weight loss option for patients with clinically severe obesity. In a gastric sleeve procedure, surgeons staple the stomach vertically and in so doing remove more than 85 percent, greatly restricting the amount of food the patient can eat. The remaining stomach, shaped like a sleeve or a banana, stays connected to the intestines. The procedure is performed using laparoscopic incisions to minimize patient discomfort and reduce recovery time.

Patients on Boston’s North Shore who are considering gastric sleeve surgery can receive excellent treatment through the Surgical Weight Loss program at Salem Hospital, a member of Mass General Brigham.

How does gastric sleeve surgery compare to other surgical weight loss options?

Weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery is more gradual than weight loss following a gastric bypass, but much faster than after a gastric band procedure.

With gastric sleeve surgery, there is not as much risk of malnutrition or vitamin deficiency as with a gastric bypass since there is no change to the way calories and nutrients are absorbed.

Some patients with a high BMI undergo gastric sleeve surgery as a first step toward a gastric bypass.

Why choose Salem Hospital for gastric sleeve surgery?

Our surgical weight loss program is the largest and most successful program of its kind on the North Shore. Performing 200 procedures each year, our team has helped hundreds of patients achieve dramatic results in long-term weight loss and improved health.

This high success rate is the result of a comprehensive evaluation process and extensive post-operative support that includes education, nutrition counseling, exercise, peer support, and medically supervised cardiac risk reduction.

Learn more about gastric sleeve surgery at an information session.

Each month we offer several weight loss surgery seminars virtually. These free information sessions are the best way to learn more about gastric sleeve weight loss procedures and other weight loss options.   Sign up for an information session  >>

Sign up for an information session.

At Salem Hospital, North Shore patients can find convenient and exceptional treatment that includes hyperhidrosis surgery, spine surgery, thoracic outlet syndrome surgery, cardiac ablation for atrial fibrillation and many other procedures.

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