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Pediatric Nephrologist

Find a pediatric nephrologist close to home.

North Shore families seeking a pediatric nephrologist will find excellent treatment close to home at Salem Hospital, a member of Mass General Brigham. A pediatric nephrologist diagnoses and treats disorders of the urinary tract and kidneys occurring in infants through adolescents. Our pediatric nephrologist is on staff at Mass General for Children in Boston. She works closely with Salem Hospital pediatric primary care physicians and other specialists to provide compassionate, coordinated care, ensuring that our pediatric patients have access to the most advanced medical treatment.

Conditions our pediatric nephrologist physician treats.

Salem Hospital's pediatric nephrologist diagnoses and treats all aspects of acute renal failure and chronic renal failure, including:
  • Nephrotic syndrome, a nonspecific disorder involving kidney damage that causes large amounts of protein to be leaked from the blood into the urine.
  • Glomerular disease, where damaged glomeruli let protein and sometimes red blood cells leak into the urine. The disease may also interfere with kidney's ability to clear waste products, which then begin to build up in the blood.
  • Reflux nephropathy, when small or scarred kidneys allow urine to travel from the bladder into the ureters or kidneys,
  • Acute and chronic pyelonephritis, a type of urinary tract infection.
  • Obstructive uropathy, where the normal flow of urine is hindered and can lead to renal dysfunction.
  • Renal tubular diseases, a variety of disorders affecting the function of the renal tubes.
  • Renal cystic diseases (such as polycystic kidneys), a broad range of disorders involving cysts in the kidneys.
  • Congenital renal diseases, a class of metabolic diseases that affect the kidneys.
The pediatric nephrologist at Salem Hospital also provides continuous care to kidney transplant patients in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, where the transplants are performed.

Ask our pediatric nephrologist about nutrition requirements for a child with nephrotic syndrome.

A child with nephrotic syndrome may have difficulty regulating the body's water balance, resulting in increased fluid retention, or edema. Restricting sodium and fluid in the child's diet may help. Paying special attention to any food that is liquid at room temperature is important. These foods include popsicles, ice cream, frozen yogurt, soup, pudding, gelatin as well as milk, water, juice, soda and other beverages. Your nephrologist or specialist family medicine physician can provide you with more information about nutritional resources.

Find a pediatric nephrologist or family practice doctors near you. Or search for other specialties or locations, such as a pediatric rheumatologist or a Salem pediatrics office, or physicians who treat adult patients, including breast cancer surgeons.
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