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Salem Hospital campus map
Lab and Vascular Services Building
Salem Hospital
81 Highland Avenue
Salem MA 01970
Tel: 978.354.2747

Vascular Center

Multi-disciplinary, integrated care

The Vascular Center integrates vascular surgery, interventional radiology and interventional cardiology in a single coordinated service. Conditions treated include aneurysm, abdominal aortic aneurysm, cerebral aneurysm, thoracic aortic aneurysm, claudication, peripheral vascular disease, pulmonary embolism, Raynaud's phenomenon, renal vascular disease and vascular disease.

In our new hybrid vascular operating room, state-of-the-art imaging technology captures real-time, three-dimensional images that enable surgeons to perform complex life-saving procedures. Learn more

Monday through Friday, 9--4 p.m.

Our Dialysis Access Service and our Vein Service are now located in the new Lab Vascular Services building. Learn more