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Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Find a world-class cardiothoracic surgeon.

Salem Hospital patients who require cardiac surgery will have the surgery with a cardiothoracic surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Salem Hospital, a member of Mass General Brigham, has had a deep collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital from several decades, with our cardiologists working side by side with Mass General cardiologists at the Heart Center. 

Cardiothoracic surgeons at MGH treat adult congenital heart disease, aortic aneurysms, heart failure, heart rhythm conditions and heart valve conditions. 

Conditions treated by a cardiothoracic surgeon at MGH

  • Adult congenital heart disease 
  • Aortic aneurysms 
  • Heart failure 
  • Heart rhythm conditions 
  • Heart valve conditions 

Minimally invasive procedures

Many cardiothoracic conditions can be treated with minimally invasive techniques. Because these procedures involve small incisions and do not require the chest to be opened, patients experience a much shorter recovery time, less pain, have shorter hospital stays and a reduced chance of infection and complications.

Other conditions treated by a cardiothoracic surgeon:

A cardiothoracic surgeon may use minimally invasive techniques to diagnose infections and tumors, conduct biopsies, repair heart valves, perform esophageal surgery. Minimally invasive surgery is also used during lung cancer surgery, and during thoracic outlet syndrome treatment.

Learn more about cardiothoracic surgery and the many other surgical procedures provided by Salem Hospital physicians, including bariatric surgery, cancer surgery, colorectal surgery, neurosurgery, and surgeries for weight loss, including the gastric sleeve procedure.
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