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Employee Programs

ESL program

English as a Second Language (ESL)

In partnership with North Shore Community College, we offer free ESL classes to our employees. These classes are designed to build fluency in reading, writing, listening and speaking English. This training enables employees with limited English proficiency to be more effective in their current roles and position themselves for advancement.

Our ESL program was recently featured in a Salem News story. Click to hear Staffing Specialist Yolanda Curet discuss the program.

Conversamos con Yolanda Curet, HR Staffing Specialist at Salem Hospital, y con Andie Salvador, NSMC ESL Program participant, sobre este programa. 

Certified Nursing Assistants at Salem Hospital

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

The CNA program affords current employees the opportunity to enter the health care field with a 121-hour training program for dual certification as a Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide, along with CPR and Hand-in Hand Dementia training. Classroom hours are completed at Salem Hospital and the clinical experience is in a local nursing home with Registered Nurse instructors. This educational opportunity creates a career ladder for our employees and also serves as a pipeline to fill the many open CNA positions here.

MediClerk participants

The MediClerk Training Program

In partnership with Wellspring Community Education, our MediClerk Training Program is a focused, occupational education program, training adult students for entry level administrative positions within the health care field. Program participants attend a 15-week session that provides both specialized classroom training and an onsite internship. At graduation, many participants move into positions within NSMC.