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Employee Recognition

surgery award ceremony

Salem Hospital makes every effort to recognize outstanding service provided by our employees. Several of our departments have annual award ceremonies, and we also have an employee recognition program called "Made Someone's Day," where patients and families may honor staff.

In addition, our internal blog, "Positively," is a place where employees post stories and images honoring their colleagues' clinical excellence, teamwork and kindness.

Made Someone's Day Program

Patients and their family members are welcome to contact us to tell us about great care provided by one of our employees. Our employees may also submit their nominations for Made Someone's Day.

Nominate employee 

Please provide the following information:
  • The staff member’s name and department
  • Describe what he or she did to "make your day"
  • Your name and phone number so that we may return your call
  • Your contact information will NOT be shared.

Daisy Award

The DAISY Award is an International award that honors the superhuman work that nurses do for patients and families every day. DAISY stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune System, and is an award that recognizes the exquisite care nurses provide to patients and families.

Recipients receive a certificate, DAISY Award pin, and a unique hand-carved serpentine stone sculpture from Zimbabwe, titled “A Healer’s Touch”, and a spotlight on the awards website, featuring a photo and telling the story of why the nurse was honored.

Nominate a deserving nurse

Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award recognizes our remarkable Patient Care Associates (PCAs) and support staff who partner with nurses to provide high-quality, compassionate care to patients. The award name is inspired by the concept that daisies require sunshine to flourish, in the same way that our nurses require support staff to provide exceptional care. These individuals play a critical role on care teams and this award will honor those who demonstrate teamwork, a positive attitude, integrity, compassion and accountability.

Email Employee Recognition

Please provide the following information:

  • The staff member's name and department
  • Describe what he or she did to "make a difference"
  • Your name and email address so we may respond to you
  • Your contact information will NOT be shared.

Eligible employees include:

  • Anesthesia Technician
  • Biomedical Equipment Tech 1
  • Bone Density Tech/RA
  • Card Ultra Tech Plus
  • Card Ultrasound Tech
  • Cardiac Cath Technologist Lead
  • Cardiology Tech
  • Central Sterile Tech 1
  • ED Equip and Support Staff Manager
  • EEG Tech
  • Endoscopy Technician
  • Interventional Radiology Technician
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Technician
  • Medical Technologist
  • Mental Health Specialist
  • Mental Health Worker
  • MRI Technologist
  • Nuclear Cardiology Tech
  • Nuclear Med Tech
  • O.R. Assistant
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Orthopedic Technician
  • Sr, Pacemaker Technologist
  • Pathology Prep Tech
  • Patient Care Associate
  • Patient Observer
  • Polysomnographic Technologist
  • Surgical Care Technician
  • Surgical Tech Clin Resource
  • Technical Lab Assistant
  • Technical Lab Assistant 2
  • Technical Specialist (Telecom)
  • Telecom Technician
  • Telecom Support Specialist