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Surgery Press Items

Davenport Family Continues Legacy of Support for NSMC
Building on its tradition of surgical excellence, NSMC is preparing to launch a Robotic Surgery Program at its Salem Hospital campus. Supported by a $1 million challenge grant from the Davenport Fund, the program will be the only one of its kind on the North Shore. “Adding robotic surgery to NSMC is an exciting advance for our facility and our patients,” says Marc S. Rubin, M.D., Chair of Surgery at NSMC.
Shannon Ryan. Clothing Store Manager. Cub Scout Den Mother. Water Slide Enthusiast.
Shannon Ryan has a bucket list and is slowly turning her dreams and desires into reality. Some of the items on her list seem fairly straightforward—like riding all of the water slides at Great Wolf Lodge—until she explains that, until recently, she exceeded the weight limit for almost all of the rides.
Standing Strong: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps Diabetic Wound Patient Get Back on His Feet
As part of his job with the Department of Public Works in Gloucester, Richard Kelley is involved in landscaping, construction and general maintenance projects at parks and playgrounds across the city. Being mobile and physically able are central to his livelihood. So when he learned that a serious infection had developed in his left foot after bunion surgery last January, Kelley says he “went into a tailspin.”
How to save a life: Former smoker preaches Importance of lung cancer screening
Raising awareness about the importance of lung cancer screenings is an issue that is near and dear to Maryanne Sheckman’s heart. Last year, a screening saved her life. “If I can give one piece of advice to current or former smokers it would be to have a lung screening,” says Sheckman of Swampscott. “If cancer is detected, tackle the disease head-on and be strong. The earlier you can catch and treat your disease, the better the outcome.” 
Back in Motion: Spinal Lumbar Surgery Helps Salem Resident Maintain Active Lifestyle
Two hours after a spin-a-thon at the Salem YMCA, Dennis Korumpas "had severe pain shooting down my right leg and numbness in my foot and toes.” Tests quickly confirmed that the pain was emanating from his lower back. Korumpas immediately booked an appointment with Michael Medlock, M.D., an NSMC neurosurgeon and spine specialist.
A New Perspective on Cancer Care
In her 30 years as an oncologist, Karen Krag, M.D., has always empathized with her patients—to help them cope with their diagnoses, make decisions about their treatment and manage the effects of cancer on their physical and emotional health. She never imagined that one day she would find herself in their position.
Outsmarting Cancer: Targeted Drugs Fight Lung Cancer
When Wilmington resident Joan O’Beirne, 68, started experiencing shortness of
breath during her daily activities, she had no idea what could be causing it or that
she was about to become part of a pioneering research study.
On the Fairway: Danvers Golfer Trades Constant Pain for Hip Replacement
At the advice of his primary care physician, Anthony Conti, a veteran machinist at Hansen Engineering in Danvers and an avid golfer, went to see NSMC orthopedic surgeon William Murzic, M.D. Dr. Murzic was able to relieve the pain with a cortisone injection, but warned Conti that the relief was only temporary. “As soon as my son’s wedding was over the pain returned and I was back in Dr. Murzic’s office scheduling surgery for a total hip replacement.”
Warning Signs: Beverly Man Catches Heart Disease in the Nick of Time
Shoveling snow can cause many people to suffer aches and pains, but for Beverly business owner, David Boeggeman, this winter’s annual ritual ended up saving his life. Boeggeman was shoveling a light dusting of snow from his walkway when he felt a brief pain in his chest. “A slight tightness in my chest just didn’t feel right,” said Boeggeman. “I knew I needed to get it checked out because I knew it wasn’t from exertion.”
Early Detection Danvers Man Thankful for Colonoscopy
“It’s clear that screening can save lives but, unfortunately, statistics show that too many people avoid it,” said Gregg Brodsky, M.D. “Early detection is important and everyone needs to be proactive in assessing their risk of colon cancer.” The most popular method for screening, the colonoscopy, is a painless test that allows your doctor to look at the inner lining of your large intestine.
Fast Recovery, Less Pain: New Options for Hysterectomy
Diane Goldenberg underwent a total laparoscopic hysterectomy and says “I can’t believe how quickly I recovered and how good I feel. More women should know about this.”
Knee Replacement is Music to Marblehead Composer
“I exercise, golf, ride a bike, and ski,” explains Mason Daring. “I did all these things before my surgery too, but I was always in pain. It got to the point where I had to do something about it.”
Step by Step: A Surprise Diagnosis of Peripheral Artery Disease
When North Reading resident Ellen O’Callaghan had a sudden heart attack at the age of 48, she not only discovered she had heart disease, but she also learned she had peripheral artery disease (PAD) and had four to five times more risk of having a heart attack or stroke.
Surviving a “Widow Maker”: Quick actions by NSMC cardiac team saves Marblehead man’s life
It was a hot, sticky August morning, but Marblehead resident Scott MacAllister, 63, was not about to let the heat keep him from heading out for a run. He met up with longtime friend, Steve Flanagan, and the pair began their normal loop around Marblehead Neck. Running partners for more than 15 years, it didn’t take either of them long to notice something wasn’t right.
Battle of the Band
At 24, Danvers resident Erin James’ life after college was on track, but, she said, "I just knew my weight was holding me back.”
Looking for a Shoulder to Lean On
Alfred Newman, of Peabody, could bear with most of the aches and pains in his shoulders, chalking it up to getting older. But when the retired carpenter and electrical engineer started struggling to put his belt on and to even get himself dressed, he knew he needed to take action.
Difference Between Life and Death
Being taken to the right hospital at the right time was the difference between life and death for Lynn police officer Dave Fitzgerald.
Injecting Hope into a Lifetime of Pain
Jill Joyce, 36-year-old Lynn science teacher, lived with back pain for fifteen years. Then an NSMC neurosurgeon and spine specialist, in conjunction with two pain management specialists from NSMC, finally brought her relief from pain.
Embracing Life Beyond Breast Cancer
A five year cancer survivor shares her story.
Weight Loss, Family Style
Ipswich parents’ gastric bypass surgeries spur family’s more active life.
Treating Peripheral Vascular Disease
Stephen Sawtell of Nahant was diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease; physicians at the NSMC Vascular Center inserted a stent in his leg artery in order to restore blood flow.
An End to Knee Pain
Now with a full range of motion in her knees, Carol Wadsworth is looking forward to returning to her love of horseback riding.
Breathing Easy Again
Cynthia McPherson battled constant wheezing, horrible coughs, bronchitis and upper respiratory infections. “It got so that I knew when it crossed from a cold into pneumonia and I’d go to my doctor or the emergency room for X-rays and medication,” says McPherson. What McPherson didn’t know was that a cancerous lesion was slowly growing on her right bronchi, one of the main airways in her lungs.
Winning the Battle Against Cancer--Twice
Marcia Wolinski recently won her second battle against cancer. The spirited 74-year-old Swampscott resident first beat bladder cancer 25 years ago when she was treated successfully for rectal cancer at NSMC Salem Hospital. The second battle took place just this past spring
The Right Choice at the Right Time
For half her life, 28-year-old Stacey Floyd, a first-grade teacher from Lynn, tried various methods for treating her excessively long, painful menstrual periods. Over the years, birth control pills and hormone shots had provided some relief, but constant doctors' visits and debilitating discomfort left Floyd feeling "older than [her] time."
Unexpected Discovery Leads to Life-Saving Procedure
As a registered nurse for close to 20 years, Sherry Tirelli knew something serious was happening when she developed high blood pressure, severe headaches and neck pain early last spring.
Comprehensive Treatment Transforms a Life
Sometimes, when they're out shopping together, Elaine Brown's husband walks right by without recognizing her. That's because the 61-year-old Methuen resident has lost 118 pounds since having laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery at NSMC Salem Hospital last April.
For State-of-the-Art Care, There's No Place Like Home
Mary Conlon had her first child at NSMC Union Hospital in 1953, and she and her family have been receiving care at the 150-bed community hospital in Lynn ever since. Recently, the great-grandmother came to NSMC Salem Hospital because of chronic lower back pain.
The Newest Standard of Care
70-year-old Barbara Schapero of Peabody was bothered by a nagging dry cough, so she went to see her primary care physician to have it checked out. X-rays and a CT scan showed an abnormality in her left lung that turned out to be cancer.