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Collaborative Governance Councils

collaborative governance staff meeting
Our collaborative governance councils enable our nurses to contribute collectively to quality patient care, nursing practice, and the nursing work environment. They promote professional autonomy and strengthen teamwork and satisfaction. Organizations that establish collaborative governance councils are often associated with improved patient outcomes.

Nursing Peer Review Council

The Nursing Peer Review Council provides a forum for our nurses to examine their practice within a patient- and family-centered model of care. It promotes exemplary practices and emphasizes learning. The Nursing Peer Review council also provides an opportunity for clinical staff nurses to review their peers’ in an objective, non- judgmental manner based on the standards of practice and Salem Hospital policies.

Nursing Professional Practice Council

Our Nursing Professional Practice Council defines, implements and maintains the highest standards of evidence-based clinical nursing practice consistent with established and evolving professional standards and regulatory agencies’ requirements.

Nursing Quality Council

The Nursing Quality Council develops the annual Patient Care Services Quality and Safety Goals. It endorses and monitors unit-based quality improvement plans, and monitors and analyzes data relative to Patient Care Services quality and safety. It also ensures compliance with established state, federal and regulatory standards and discusses and monitors relevant findings from peer review cases..