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Nutrition Counseling Appointment
Tel: 978.573.4444
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Doctor speaking to male patient and his wife
Our nutrition experts offer oncology patients a holistic approach designed to maximize nutrition and quality of life during all stages of cancer treatment and survivorship. Registered dietitians help patients set calorie and protein goals as well as monitor tolerance to recommendations while minimizing potential side effects. This includes assessing the need for alternative forms of nutrition therapy such as enteral and formula-based feedings.

Nutritional services for oncology conditions

  • Comprehensive assessment of nutritional needs.
  • Personalized guidelines tailored to complement diagnoses and treatment based upon nutrition recommendations.
  • Evidence based survivorship nutrition to improve energy and enhance health after diagnosis.
  • Support for family or caretakers to help patients maximize nutrition intake and quality of life.
  • Regular follow-up care as needed during and after treatment.
  • Active collaboration with other members of the patient’s care team.