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Orthopedic Surgery Boston

Patient runs along boardwalk after orthopedic sports medicine treatment

For exceptional orthopedic surgery, Boston's North Shore residents turn to Salem Hospital.

For North Shore residents seeking orthopedic surgery, Boston is not the only option. Salem Hospital, a member of Mass General Brigham, offers outstanding orthopedic surgeons. Our North Shore orthopedics team specializes in surgery for the spine, shoulders, hand/finger, hip/knee, and foot/ankle. Their offices are conveniently located throughout the North Shore, enabling adult and pediatric patients to receive great care close to home. In addition to our excellent Salem orthopedic surgeons, we have exceptional orthopedic surgeons in Beverly, Danvers and Peabody.

Procedures in orthopedic surgery Boston and North Shore residents receive at Salem Hospital.

Salem Hospital's North Shore physicians and surgeons treat a wide array of orthopedic conditions, including:
  • Hand and finger surgery. Performed most often on an outpatient basis, using minimally invasive procedures like arthroscopy. There are also non-operative treatments such as injection therapy, physical therapy and medication.
  • Foot and ankle treatment. This includes operative and non-operative treatment designed to return a patient to everyday activity or to the playing field with optimal function and stability.
  • Shoulder surgery. A full range of surgical procedures are available, ranging from minimally invasive techniques to major reconstruction. Our shoulder specialists use the best available technology to ensure accurate diagnosis of shoulder conditions, and provide non-operative treatment when possible for many shoulder problems.
  • Knee and hip surgery, including arthroscopy and replacement surgeries, and regional nerve block procedures to reduce pain.
  • Spinal procedures. These include minimally invasive and complex spine surgeries, as well as non-operative treatment such as pain management and physical therapy.
Our orthopedic specialists recommend minimally invasive surgery whenever possible. These procedures usually involve a smaller incision, less pain, reduced loss of blood, faster recovery and a shorter hospital stay.

Find the right orthopedic surgery specialist for you.

Use the Find a Doctor tool on our website to find the best orthopedic surgeon Boston or the North Shore has to offer. In the Clinical Specialty field, simply select "orthopedic surgery," or select the specific procedure you're considering, such as "shoulder surgery". You'll get a list of all the orthopedic surgeons in the Salem Hospital network. You can also narrow your search by location, gender and languages spoken. You can also search for physicians with other specialties, such as a gastric band surgeon, or for a practice in a specific location, such as a gastroenterology Boston office.

Use our physician directory to search for doctors in other specialties, such as a gastric band surgeon or back and spine specialist, or for a practice in a specific location, such as a gastroenterology Boston office.
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