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NSMC Joining Massachusetts Opioid Screening and Awareness Day Event September 22, 2020

Salem, Mass. (September 14, 2020) – In the shadow of COVID-19, the opioid epidemic continues to wreak havoc on individuals and families in Massachusetts and on the North Shore. An estimated 275, 000 people in the Commonwealth currently struggle with an opioid use disorder, but only about 10% of those people are receiving treatment for it. Tragically, about 5 people die each day in Massachusetts from opioid-related overdose.

“Opioid use disorders persist in our communities and the isolation many have experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic has not helped,” says Natasha David-Hays, LICSW, LADC1, Clinical Director-Substance Use Services at North Shore Medical Center (NSMC). “We know that people are struggling, but also that addiction disorders are treatable and we’re here to help.”

On Tuesday, September 22, NSMC will join a virtual town hall event supporting Massachusetts Opioid Screening and Awareness Day. The event is open to all and participants will learn from experts about opioid misuse and treatment and have the opportunity to take a free, anonymous, online screening for themselves or a loved one. Referral information about local treatment resources, including those at North Shore Medical Center and the Massachusetts Substance Use Helpline (800-327-5050) will be provided. The screening and resources will also be available prior to, during, and after the event at

The free online screenings are educational in nature and not diagnostic. They will help someone determine if they or someone they care about are exhibiting symptoms associated with an opioid disorder and help determine the best next steps.

NSMC has extensive experience in behavioral health care and offers intensive and non-intensive outpatient services for people struggling with substance use disorders and related mental health issues. Our approach is patient-centered and we welcome patients in any stage of their recovery.

NSMC was the first hospital to sign on in support of the Massachusetts Opioid Screening and Awareness Day and joins more than 40 others in this supportive community initiative. Massachusetts Opioid Screening and Awareness Day is a collaboration between Fighting Opioid Misuse and the Brigham B-Core Program, which work to decrease the stigma surrounding opioid use disorder and help individuals recognize that there are resources available in their community to treat this debilitating illness.

NSMC (North Shore Medical Center) is a multi-site health system headquartered in Salem, Mass., which includes Salem Hospital, the Mass General Brigham Healthcare Center in Lynn, MassGeneral for Children at North Shore Medical Center, and the physician network known as North Shore Physicians Group. NSMC and Massachusetts General Hospital together provide care at the Mass General/North Shore Center for Outpatient Care and the Mass General/North Shore Cancer Center in Danvers. NSMC is a member of Mass General Brigham, which was founded by Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. #northshoremed