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Salem Hospital campus map

ICU Nursing Staff Ratios

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health now requires all Massachusetts Intensive Care Units (ICUs) to report quarterly Registered Nurse-to-Patient ratios on their websites. Patients in an ICU require a high degree of medical and nursing care. Salem Hospital’s ICU nurses have received advanced training in Critical Care Nursing, and many have received additional degrees and certifications. They specialize in the care of critically ill patients and are trained in the use of equipment that monitors and provides life support to patients.

Salem Hospital ICU

The ICU at Salem Hospital is a 20 bed unit. State-of-the-art care is provided for patients with respiratory failure and multi-system diseases.

Union Hospital ICU --   closed 

The ICU at Union Hospital was a 12 bed unit. It provided quality nursing and medical care to adult and senior patients who had respiratory, cardiac, renal, sepsis and other multi-organ dysfunction diseases, syndromes or conditions.

Salem Hospital Cardiac Surgical Unit --   closed 

The Cardiac Surgical Unit at the Heart Center was an 8 bed unit providing acute and post acute cardiac surgical care for adult patients.