Comprehensive Evaluation

North Shore Medical Center Weight Management Program comprehensive evaluation

Multidisciplinary evaluation

All patients who are considering bariatric surgery receive a multidisciplinary consultation at the start of the process. The consultation is a thorough medical and psychological assessment, which may result in the patient deciding to enroll in our non-surgical or surgical management programs. All decisions about patient care are made collaboratively with the patient, the Weight Management team and the referring physician.

Consultation and evaluation

You will have a consultation with a nurse practitioner and a registered dietitian from the Wellness Center. This consultation takes place only after a patient has attended one of our information sessions

During the consultation, they will review your complete medical history and conduct a thorough physical exam. In addition, medical tests are ordered to ensure that the patient's overall health is good enough to endure the surgery.

Meeting with a bariatric surgeon

After your consultation and evaluation you will meet with one of our surgeons. In addition, you will meet with a psychologist in the Neuropsychological Assessment Center. You may be referred for additional medical testing, such as a stress test or a sleep study.