Wellness Center

We are located in the Axelrod Building, floor 7 East, of Salem Hospital.

Our Wellness team

The Wellness Center is comprised of a nurse practitioner (NP), several registered dieticians (RD) and a registered nurse (RN). Together, they provide patients with counseling on cardiovascular risk factors, exercise prescription and intervention, weight management, chronic disease management and how to prepare for both pre- and post-surgery.

Patient participation required

The pre-operative and post-operative program is required of all of our surgical patients. Patient participation must be agreed upon prior to your acceptance into the surgical program.

NP consultation and RD consultation

Surgical candidates are scheduled for a one hour initial consultation with the nurse practitioner, as well as a one hour consultation with the registered dietician. The NP will review your lab work, medical history and assess your need for further medical testing, such as a stress test, sleep study, or additional labs. Patients are required to complete their initial lab work prior to both consultations.

Food journals

Patients are mailed a three-day food log, with instructions on how to complete these journals. The RD will review these journals.

Pre-operative group education classes

These four-week classes are led by an NP, RD and RN, with the aim of preparing patients for surgery. They cover lifestyle, nutrition, and provide behavioral strategies to help patients be safe and successful after surgery. Classes are an hour and a half long, on Thursdays, and include:

  • Clinical check-in with NP or RN, as well as the RD
  • Lectures and discussion on nutrition, stress management, exercise and living with your surgery
  • Review of weekly food and exercise journals
  • Liquid diet guide

Emotional and psychological support

If any patient is struggling with making changes to their eating patterns, or if a patient experiences emotional distress, anxiety, depression, or other challenges, our physicians and clinical staff may refer patients for cognitive behavioral therapy through our Outpatient Mental Health services.