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Cardiac Testing

patient doing a cardiac test

The cardiac exams we conduct for our patients provide cardiologists and cardiac surgeons with a detailed profile of your heart’s function. All cardiac tests and procedures are performed by physicians and clinically-trained technicians in our state-of the art cardiac facilities. All cardiac evaluations require a written requisition by a physician.

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Prepare for the cardiac exams below

Cardiac ultrasound

  • A cardiac ultrasound test determines the size and function of your heart muscle and the valves.

Holter monitor and Event monitor

  • These tests indicate any irregular rhythms in your heart. A holter monitor is a continuous recording of your heart’s rhythm during 24 hours of normal activity and rest. An event monitor is similar but worn for a longer period of time. 

Stress test

  • Stress tests measure your heart’s reaction to increased demand for oxygen. The tests record the electrical activity of the heart during walking and running.

Tilt table

  • The tilt table test helps determine why you may be experiences fainting spells. It produces syncope (a fainting spell) under controlled conditions, which enables your physician to diagnose whether you have a condition called vasovagal syncope.