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Heart Failure Clinic

 heart failure patient with cardiologist

The Heart Failure Clinic is a key component of our Heart Center. Our team includes cardiologists, nurse practitioners, heart failure nurse coordinators, dietitians, case managers, and home care specialists. Team members work closely with patients and their primary care physicians throughout the process. Our outpatient clinic provides comprehensive education to heart failure patients, enabling them to successfully manage their illness after they leave the hospital.

Heart Failure clinic

Lifestyle choices, medication and continuous monitoring are all components of our program. The goals of our program are:

  • Decrease heart failure symptoms
  • Increase patient's capacity for exercise
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Slow progression of the disease
  • Improve your long-term survival chances

Patients meet regularly with one of our heart failure nurses. Our specially-trained nurses work closely with you, your primary care physician and your cardiologist to optimize your care.

Referral to the clinic

  • Heart Center patients may self-refer to the Heart Failure clinic or may request a physician referral.
  • Most insurance policies cover a portion of the cost of this program.
  • Even if you are receiving home care services, you may also be eligible for enrollment.