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Salem Hospital is open and seeing patients.

All scheduled appointments and procedures will happen as planned on Monday, July 22.

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Recovery Post-Labor

Father holding sleeping newborn on his shoulder while the mother kisses the baby on the forehead

Baby and you: together from the start

The first few days of your baby’s life are an important time for you to bond and learn about each other. Your baby will stay in your room, and our nursery staff will be available if you need any assistance. Our doctors and nurses will come to your room to perform any exams or vaccinations, allowing you to be part of the process. In addition, our nurses and breastfeeding experts will be there to coach you on bathing, diaper changes, umbilical cord care, feeding and caring for your newborn.

Safe sleep

When in our care, our staff ensure that your baby sleeps safely and comfortably by wrapping them in one of our Birthplace Sleepsacks. Sleepsacks promote safe sleep by encouraging babies to sleep on their backs. Our staff will teach parents about best safe sleep practices and how to wrap their little one in a Sleepsack. We also gift each baby with a new one as they leave to go home.

Rest safe and secure

Immediately after delivery, you, your birthing partner and new baby will get matching identification bands that are checked any time you and your baby are separated or reunited. These bar-coded bands are also scanned any time medication is given to you or your child to verify that the medication and dosage are correct. For your safety and security, the Birthplace has restricted access and all visitors must be buzzed in by our staff. Your baby will also wear a HUGS security band, which activates an alarm and locks all access to outside doors if a baby is brought too close to an exit.

Visitors, visiting hours, health, safety and privacy

To protect our moms, babies and families during this time, we have implemented changes to our Birthplace visitor policy. One support person may accompany/visit pregnant/postpartum mothers. This support person must be over the age of 18 (unless they are the parent of the new baby) and will be screened upon entry. The visitor should wash or sanitize his or her hands before entering the patient room and is welcome to stay overnight. Special Care Nursery patients can be visited by his or her mother and one support person.

Other policy guidelines

  • To maintain a restful environment, we request that no cell phones be used in your birthing suite. 
  • Cell phones may be used in the family waiting room.
  • Cameras and video cameras are prohibited during the delivery process, but you may use them after the birth of your baby.
  • To protect your privacy, our staff cannot give out information to your waiting family or friends or those who call to check on your status.
  • You will have a telephone in your labor room and after you are admitted you can provide that number to your family and friends. Be sure to let your nurse know if you do not want calls sent to your room.>
  • For everyone’s health, smoking is prohibited in all buildings, grounds and parking lots. If you are a smoker please talk to your nurse or obstetrical care provider about options during your hospital stay.