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Who Will Deliver My Baby?

Smiling members of the NSMC Birthplace team

All of our physicians and certified nurse midwives are highly-skilled, compassionate caregivers who love to deliver babies. The coverage group for each practice differs; specific information for selected practices is below.

  • If you are scheduled for an induction or C-section, you will be scheduled on a day when your doctor is on call, and she/he will deliver your baby during those times.
  • Weekend and night call rotates between the doctors within their groups, so the doctor who is on call the day you go into labor will deliver your baby. With this arrangement, there's a good chance that your primary obstetrician will not be the one delivering your baby.

North Shore Physicians Group, Swampscott, Danvers, Beverly and Lynn

The OB/GYNs in the Swampscott and Danvers offices can see patients in either office. You may select one specific physician or nurse midwife to be your primary obstetrician for the majority of your prenatal visits. The more typical practice is to schedule each of your prenatal visits with a different obstetrician in the practice so that you can meet everyone.

Having some familiarity with the full team helps ensure that your baby will be delivered by someone you have met before. In addition, this group has a dedicated laborist who is based at the Birthplace and covers many of the evening and weekend shifts. This group includes:


OB/GYN Hospitalists:

Lynn Community Health Center