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Salem Hospital is open and seeing patients.

All scheduled appointments and procedures will happen as planned on Monday, July 22.

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Health Care Team

health care team with patient
Patients admitted to Salem Hospital are attended to by a team of expert clinicians. The attending physician may be the patient's surgeon, cardiologist, obstetrician, psychiatrist, hospitalist or other specialty physician. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants also provide care. All examinations, tests, medications, treatments and consultations with other specialists are ordered and coordinated under the direction of the attending physician.


Hospitalists are physicians and nurse practitioners who specialize in the care of hospitalized patients. Hospitalists monitor a patient's progress, coordinate and consult with specialists, and stay in close touch with the patient, with members of the patient's family, and with the patient's primary care physician.

The hospitalist team is in the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every patient has a primary hospitalist assigned to him or her at all times; hospitalists transition care to another member of the team before going off duty. Patients may call the main hospital number and ask to have their hospitalist paged if they would like to speak with them.


Our outstanding nursing staff includes professional nurses, certified nursing assistants and technical nursing assistants. Our nurses provide 24-hour nursing care. They continually monitor, assess and record the condition of each patient, administer medications and treatments, and meet the numerous medical and personal needs of their patients. Nurses will discuss with a patient the nature of his or her care, and where appropriate, also with family members. There is a nurse manager on each unit who is responsible for directing and coordinating nursing care. Patients may speak to either their nurse or the nurse manager if they have questions. 

Critical response team

We have a designated team of specialists that can be called to a patient’s bedside in the event of an emergency to assist the nurse in managing the situation.

Case managers

Case managers are experienced nurses and social workers who help patients and their families navigate the healthcare system and act as a liaison between the patient, physicians, caregivers and insurance providers. Case managers work with patients to develop an individualized care plan from the day of admission to ensure a smooth stay. They also assist patients with their transition after discharge from the hospital.

Case managers link patients and family members with community resources such as home-health visits, outpatient treatments, homemakers, meal delivery or medical transportation to ensure a safe transition home. They can also arrange for patients to be placed in an extended-care rehabilitation or nursing home facility if longer-term assistance is needed. Patients or families with questions or concerns may call the case management department at 978.354.4462 for Salem Hospital.

Social workers and other resources for patients

Sometimes a nurse, physician or case manager will refer a patient to a social worker. Patients may also directly request the services of a social worker. Social workers provide support in a variety of ways, including helping to complete important applications and forms (such as a request for financial assistance), and providing information about our many support and counseling services.

Human Rights Officer

The Department of Mental Health requires that each psychiatric unit have a Human Rights Officer available to its patients. The Human Rights Officer assists patients in understanding their rights while they are in the hospital, including but not limited to: legal advocacy, the admission/discharge processes, and how to file a complaint.

A Human Rights Officer is available Monday through Friday during regular business hours and can be reached at 978.825.6319 for Salem Hospital.

Other staff

During a hospital stay many other health care professionals may assist in a patient's care, including dietitians, pharmacists, phlebotomists, radiology transporters, housekeepers, financial counselors, chaplains, clinical students and volunteers.

*All hospital employees, vendors and contractors are required to wear a photo identification badge that lists their name and department.